50 years Drahdiwaberl - in memoriam Stefan Weber

There will be a Mulatschag. For reasons. That much is certain. And of course the date and place are already fixed. For what? For an appointment that you can already enter in dark red in the new wall calendar. For an already á priori memorable, memorable and generally highly worthy spectacle. For the Austrian Music Festival of 2019, which will take place on 5 October in the Gasometer in Vienna (Bank Austria-Halle). In honour of Drahdiwaberl.

Austria's most spectacular live act of all time has undoubtedly written music history in the last 50 years. The head and voice of Drahdiwaberl, Stefan Weber, died in 2018 after a long and serious illness. In his honour the musicians (including many original band members), actors and Mulatschag veterans will open the last chapter of Drahdiwaberl's history at this event on the occasion of the 50th anniversary... And write it spectacularly to the end. 

Spectacular? A provocative understatement. It will be a foreseeable excess. Numerous star guests (tba) who are potent, willing and proven in this respect, additionally incited by presenter Michael Ostrowski ("Hotel Rock'n'Roll"), will be able to deliver a final, ultimate, final Drahdiwaberl show within the framework of a technically and conceptually elaborate stage show (including original video recordings synchronous to the live stage events).

Founded in 1969 by Stefan Weber, then a student and later professor at a grammar school, Drahdiwaberl repeatedly attracted attention, attention and public excitement. Weber, Hans Hölzel alias Falco, Peter Vieweger, Thomas Rabitsch, Heinz Nessizius, Jazz-Gitti, Sü-Vaal, Monika Weber and many others provoked also in Munich, Hamburg and New York, provided for mass influx at the Donauinselfest, were banned from appearing in the Vienna Stadthalle after a scandal (soup chicken meets local politicians in the face), protested live at the Ballhausplatz against the inauguration of the Schüssel/Haider government, delivered a feature film ("World Revolution"), fourteen albums and even a no.1-Hit ("Lonely"), finally left the stage with Stefan Weber, who was already suffering from his illness, under the motto "Drahdiwaberl Forever" in the Gasometer.

And now return - in memoriam of Stefan Weber - to the definitely last Drahdiwaberl performance on 5 October in the Bank Austria Hall in the Gasometer. Not to be missed! Possibly also: unpackable. Forever.

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October 2019

Wiener Gasometer

Since the end of the 1990s, four teams of star architects have been working on converting four 112-year-old gasometers into a new urban complex.


Public transport: Gasometer Station
Subway line U3
Nightbus line N75
Car: Highway "Autobahn" A23 Südosttangente, Exit "St. Marx"

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