A. Dvořák - Stabat Mater

Stabat Mater - funeral arrangements
The medieval poem " Stabat Mater dolorosa " inspired countless composers since the 13th century - for Antonín Dvořák won the work of a tragic personal meaning : In December 1875 his daughter Josefa died a few days after birth. In August 1877 his eleven month old daughter Ružena died within a few days from poisoning and his three year old son Otakar of smallpox , leaving Dvořák and his wife returned childless. Under this impression the composer created a work that deals with the religious content with a spontaneous unpretentious , simple formal musical language , yet exudes a natural cheerfulness and confidence.

The Chorus of Westerly ( Rhode Iceland , USA) was founded in 1959 and has enjoyed in the 55 years of its existence, with 650 performances more than 1.6 million concertgoers . In the course of four international concert tours , the singers appeared among others in the Westminster Abbey in London and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.
The special thing about this choir is that both adults and children rehearse the same works , regardless of the length and difficulty of the piece. This more than 1,500 children have already had the opportunity to present major works by Verdi, Bach and Beethoven with a professional orchestra , with soloists and an interested audience.
Accompanying the choir of the chamber orchestra Virtuosi Pragenses , which was founded in 1970 by the prominent violin virtuoso and conductor Libor Hlavacek and its members are all leading Prague instrumentalists .


Cat. 1. and 2. - with view
Cat. 3. and 4. - without view

Program and cast

Vienna Cathedral Choir
Choir Academy Vorarlberg

Orchestra Czech Virtuososos

Tünde Szabóki, Soprano
Szilvia Vörös, mezzo-soprano
Lenonardo Navarro, tenor
Apostol Milenkov, Bass

Dkpm Markus Landerer, conductor

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March 2019

St. Stephen's Cathedral

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