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January 1970

The oldest mystical medieval incantation originated probably from the Mesopotamian phrase AB-BA-TAB-BA-RI or from the Aramaic version of the Hebrew words abra – “create” and k´adabra – “like the word”.

The meaning of the word is approximately “so it shall be”.
When spoken out, things we want to disappear vanish and things we want to be seen become visible.
Abrakadabra can light up the darkness, fill the silence with music, make the lifeless dance and the wingless fly.

Doing magic is a talent, just like the ability to paint, sing or dance.
Living eternally on the road, a family of seasoned cabaret artists has always been using this art to make a living.
However, mixing up even one letter in the magic incantation may render the spell powerless – and that is exactly what sometimes happens to the heroes of our show.

The abrakadabra incantation has the same meaning in all languages, so you will understand without difficulties.
Join us and immerse yourself in the world of comical magic, as practiced by a family of magicians.
Let yourself be carried away by this nonverbal performance filled with suspense, surprise, humour and dancing.

Program and cast

Eva Asterová / Lukáš Šimon / Josef Tichý
Eva Asterová
Music and sound effects
Ondřej Soukup, Zdeněk Zdeněk, Petr Malásek
Alexander Čihař

The performance is non-verbal and takes 80-90 minutes without a break.

Image Theatre

 Dear Image Theatre friends, our theatre has been operating in Prague since 1991. Since than we have tried to entertain all the audience, to  meet  needs  of  our  business  partners  and  prepared  a number  of  premieres  and  played thousands  of performances. For a couple of years we have been performing at Pařížská street in a rented hall of Ministry for  Regional Development. Now the Ministry for Regional Development has decided to prematurely terminate our lease agreement as of September 30, 2014 and forced us to leave the premises. Actually  Image Theatre will be   replaced with a canteen and administrative facilities.Since 29 September 2014, therefore we can not perform in the old premises at Pařížská street.

We decided that we will not give up to operate Image Theatre further on. We have already started to build a new   scene   at   Národní  třída.   Our   visitors   will  enjoy  modern,  comfortable  and  air-conditioned  hall  with comfortable seats, the hall which meets all  current requirements  for  theater space with seating for more  than 300 spectators. The new theater, however, will not be available for the audience until the next year.

Image Theatre

Seats in the hall are not numbered. Theatre hall is opened 30 minutes before the beginning of the performance. The performance lasts 75 - 90 minutes. There is no interval during the performance. Before and after the performance the IMAGE bar is open. Theatre does not provide a wheelchair access, in case of interest it is possible to arrange assistance for handling a wheelchair ..

Betlémská 5, Praha 1, 110 00

Information on public transportation:
Underground / subway : the nearest station Můstek (A/B, or Národní třída  (B), both stations are 5 to 10 minutes’ walk from the theatre. Tram: line No. 17,18, 53 – the nearest station “Národní divadlo“ (National theatre) or Karlovy lázně.

By car:
The nearest places where you can park are under the National Theatre in divadelni street. (these car parks are free of charge every day after 6:00 p.m.) It is not possible to park just in front of the theatre without the parking card for Prague 1. If you like to use taxi, we recommend app for smartphones called Liftago - the open market taxi service.

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