Alex Kristan

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PreviousJune 1971

A fortune cookie with the quote: "Live every day as if it were your last" as the origin of the great uprising. When an old-fashioned proverb turns into an initial spark of disobedience and rebellion, even into life without limits, then it gets lively! - "Make snot-pipn great again."

Who or what exactly is "the mainstream"? And why not actually adopt the Chinese wisdom? If yesterday was supposedly better than today, why not live today as if there were no tomorrow?

To bring Yin and Yang into balance. Get off the hamster wheel and onto the roller coaster. Really say what you're thinking for once. No time to compromise. Glow once without a bike helmet on an e-bike. Put up a 2028 calendar in the hospital recovery room. Don't ask. Do. When duty calls, tell her you'll call back. The little problem with the unleashed way of life: laws do know a tomorrow. And so Alex Kristan now spends a night of rehabilitation at the state's expense - but thanks to a mild judgement, the audience has unlimited visiting rights. Of course, Kristan's various alter egos and parodies are also part of the lively party again and mingle in this cage full of fools. And: aren't we all in fact arrested somewhere?

For Alex Kristan, cheerfulness is in any case the rule. He masters the only important dance. The one out of the line.

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