Alfred Dorfer

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May 2021

A programme by Alfred Dorfer

What will happen now, he asks himself? A move to another flat has brought movement into the life of Alfred Dorfer's stage character. Cleaning out the old flat casually gives Dorfer some surprising ideas. He asks fundamental questions and shakes punch lines out of his sleeve.

In his seventh solo programme, Alfred Dorfer shows snapshots of setting out and arriving and presents the audience with unusual contexts while taking up many of life's themes, from everyday phenomena and zeitgeist to political facts. Virtuoso and sharp-tongued, he acts in the imagined parallel worlds and brings characters he has portrayed onto the stage as partners, playing with roles and perspectives. For all his lightness and expressive comedy, Dorfer never loses sight of reality. Fast-paced and complex one-man theatre.

Viennese Alfred Dorfer is one of the most important satirists and authors in the German-speaking world, which he sees as his stage. Dorfer has been awarded the German and the Bavarian Cabaret Prize, the German Cabaret Prize and the Swiss Cornichon, among others.

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