Anca & Lucca

The Mind-Reading Revolution


The reigning European champions and vice world champions of mental magic surprise with inexplicable illusions. No cheap tricks, but great theatre.

Together Anca & Lucca not only bring their love of magic to the stage, but also the magic of their own love and their very special story of getting to know each other. In his show, the couple consistently continues on their extraordinary path - Anca creates illusions that are unique in the field of mental magic and technically extremely demanding. With closed eyes she copies hand movements, guesses birthdays, dream destinations and first names of people she has never seen before.

The Mind-Reading Revolution is the most incredible and latest development in the history of mind reading as an entertainment form. The reigning European champions of mental magic are constantly working to show what no one before them has ever thought possible. Lucca: "We do everything we can to extend the boundaries of mental magic and make it even more inexplicable, entertaining and interesting for viewers. We also want to inspire those who haven't been interested in magic yet."


They don't use any hidden electronic devices. "We are "Mental Magic unplugged - without net and double bottom", according to the reigning European Champions and Vice World Champions of Mental Magic. They also underline this with the "1,000,000 US dollar promise". Sworn and notarized, Anca & Lucca guarantee every spectator $1,000,000 if they ever use collusion with spectators or secret electronic aids for "The Mind-Reading Revolution". They even rule out the use of secret backstage helpers. "First and foremost, we want to entertain our audience. But they should also leave the show with the question "how did they do it? For us mental magic is not a cheap trick, but great theatre, adds the mentalist couple.

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April 2019

Theater Akzent

How to get there

The evening box office and public entrance of both Theater Akzent and Podium im Akzent are located at Theresianumgasse 18, 1040 Wien.

The box office and public entrance to Studio im Akzent are located around the corner at Argentinierstraße 37, 1040 Wien.

By Public Transport
Underground U1 (to stations Südtiroler Platz/Hauptbahnhof or Taubstummengasse), Tram line D (to stops Belvedere or Plösslgasse) or Bus Line 13A (to stop Belvederegasse); or on foot – a short walk from Karlsplatz along Argentinierstraße.

By Car
Depending on the availability of free parking spaces, our Underground Car Park (access on Argentinierstraße) is available to ticket holders free of charge from 60 minutes before to 30 minutes after each performance.

Special Parking Facilities
Parking spaces reserved for the handicapped are located directly in front of the main entrance.

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