Beethoven Symphony n. 9

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The Symphony n. 9 in D minor for soloists, chorus and orchestra Op. 125, universally known as the Ninth Symphony or Choral Symphony, is the last symphony performed by Ludwig Van Beethoven, performed for the first time on Friday 7 May 1824 at the Theater am Kärntnertor in Vienna , with the contralto Caroline Unger and the tenor Anton Aizinger.

The fourth time contains a musical version of Friedrich Schiller's "Ode Alla Gioia" (An die Freude), while the first three movements are exclusively symphonic.

It is one of the best known and performed works of the entire classical repertoire, and is considered one of Beethoven's greatest masterpieces, if not the greatest musical composition ever written. It has long been the largest symphonic composition with voices. Beethoven gave his work a patriotic character with the exaltation of feelings typical of Romanticism.

The theme of the finale, adapted by Herbert von Karajan, was adopted in 1972 as the European anthem.

In 2001, score and text were declared by UNESCO as Memory of the World, attributing them to Germany.

Program and cast

L. V. Beethoven
Symphony n. 9

Rossana Cardia, Soprano
Olivia Andreini, Mezzosoprano
Delfo Paone, Tenor
Donato Martini, Baritone
Accademia Vocale Romana Choir
Lorenzo Macrì, Conductor
Rome Symphony Orchestra 

St. Paul’s within the Walls Church

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