Birgit Minichmayr, Louis Mazetier, Bernd Lhotzky

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June 2021

In the Roaring Twenties she was the queen of New York. Dorothy Parker wrote for "Vogue", "Vanity Fair" and the "New Yorker".

She had twenty dogs in the course of her life. The four-legged friends, mainly terriers and poodles, were called "Cliché" or "C'est tout! - The born Rothschild at least kept the surname of one of the masters. The sharp-tongued writer opened her laconic-lyrical antipathies with "Men: A Hate Song". This was promptly followed by relatives, women, bohemians, the office and - of course - actors as objects of hate.

Her trenchant short stories and poems were among the most important of their time and have lost none of their brilliant sharp-tonguedness to this day: What does the diary of a New York lady reveal? How can one be nobly bored to death with each other in marriage? Dorothy Parker shines in each of her "New York stories", sympathetic, sarcastic, articulate.

Program and cast

Birgit Minichmayr, narrator

Louis Mazetier & Bernd Lhotzky

Jazz & Classics on two pianos

Theater in the Park

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