BREAK THE TANGO | Tango meets Streetdance

What happens when tango dancers from Argentina, international breakdancers and an electrotango band get together? BREAK THE TANGO is a dance show that combines two very different dance styles where tradition meets modernity and all rules are broken.

While the tango dancers - including the former Tango coach German Cornejo and Gisela Galeassi, as well as Ezequiel Lopez and Camila Alegre - float elegantly over the parquet, the athletic breakdancers blend Milonga traditions. What initially seems almost impossible, melts into a symbiosis during the show. BREAK THE TANGO shows how fiery, explosive and enthralling the mix of tango and street dance can be. The company is accompanied by a four-headed live band and a singer, who give electrotango hits and pop songs from Adele to Otros Aires.

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January 1970
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