Capital Bra - Gucciland Tour 2019

CAPITAL BRA - conquers the charts with his numerous hit singles and sets new records with 7 singles and 2 albums alone.

Beside his music and countless videos he also puts the whole country in a literal "Gucci intoxication" with his lifestyle. After announcing "SOLD OUT" after only a few days with his "Berlin Lebt Tour", Capital Bra now announces a new big concert tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for April 2019. Anyone who has got an overview of the GUCCILAND TOUR 2019 will soon see that Capital now also plays in the big halls of Germany and gives all his fans the opportunity to experience his excessive show live. According to Capital, this tour will also set new standards and he promises his fans a stage show of the extra class.

In addition, there is no German rapper that is so popular in the scene and has more features like the Bratan in such a short time. Its Bratina´s and Brantan´s can thus firmly proceed from the fact that they can count beside a phenomenal show also still on the one or other Deutschrap giant as guest on the GUCCILAND TOUR

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April 2019

Wiener Gasometer

Since the end of the 1990s, four teams of star architects have been working on converting four 112-year-old gasometers into a new urban complex.


Public transport: Gasometer Station
Subway line U3
Nightbus line N75
Car: Highway "Autobahn" A23 Südosttangente, Exit "St. Marx"

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