Concert Parsifal

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PreviousDecember 1970

Program and cast

Conductor: Christian Thielemann
Amfortas: Michael Volle
Titurel: Günther Groissböck
Gurnemanz: Georg Zeppenfeld
Parsifal: Stephen Gould
Kundry: Petra Lang
1st Knight of the Grail: Tansel Akzeybek
2nd Knight of the Grail: Timo Riihonen
1st Squire: Alexandra Steiner
2nd squire: Simone Schröder
3rd squire: Martin Homrich
4th squire: Attilio Glaser
Klingsor's magic girl: Tuuli Takala
Stephanie Houtzeel
Simone Schröder
Alexandra Steiner
Sabrina Kögel
Marie Henriette Reinhold
An alto voice: Simone Schröder

Bayreuth Festival

The Bayreuth Festival (German: Bayreuther Festspiele) is a music festival held annually in Bayreuth, Germany, at which performances of operas by the 19th-century German composer Richard Wagner are presented. Wagner himself conceived and promoted the idea of a special festival to showcase his own works, in particular his monumental cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen and Parsifal.

Performances take place in a specially designed theatre, the Bayreuth Festspielhaus. Wagner personally supervised the design and construction of the theatre, which contained many architectural innovations to accommodate the huge orchestras for which Wagner wrote as well as the composer's particular vision about the staging of his works. The Festival has become a pilgrimage destination for Wagner enthusiasts, who often must wait years to obtain tickets.

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