Dörte Lyssewksi, Christoph Koncz, Franz & Matthias Bartolomey

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June 2021

W. A Mozart. Eine kleine Nachtmusik, KV 525 / Arnold Schoenberg: Transfigured Night, op. 4 / Texts by W.A. Mozart and Richard Dehmel

Around 1900 a scandal...in 2021 this evening will certainly NOT be a scandal!

At that time Richard Dehmel's book "Weib und Welt" (Woman and the World) ended up in court, the text "Verklärte Nacht" (Transfigured Night) had to be blackened because of blasphemous fornication. "Unheard-of things" are described in it: free love as "erotic comradeship". Scandalous!

And it is precisely this poem that Schoenberg takes as a model for his composition, which is probably the most popular to this day. Highly romantic and emotional music performed by a top-class ensemble of soloists from the ranks of the Vienna Philharmonic.

Program and cast

Christoph Koncz, violin; Ben Morisson, violin; Elmar Landerer, viola; Lily Francis, viola; Franz Bartolomey, violoncello; Matthias Bartolomey, violoncello; Dörthe Lyssewski, speaker

Theater in the Park

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