Dacia Vikings Super Bowl Party

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On Sunday, 02 February 2020, the "Super Bowl LIV" will take place. And already for the 28th time the Dacia Vikings will celebrate the only and true original Super Bowl Party with over 1.500 fans at the Vienna Marriott Hotel!

Enjoy the highlight of the football season from the New Miami Stadium in Florida.

The games will be divided into 2 Conferences: The AFC and the NFC. The two top teams of these conferences fight for the crown of the NFL, the so-called Super Bowl.

The broadcast includes the spectacular halftime show.

During the Super Bowl, companies can book the most expensive advertising minutes. Again and again companies use this opportunity and produce very imaginative and funny commercials. We show a selection of it in the pre-program and the original advertisements of this year, as far as they are part of the transmission.

Program and cast

Vienna Marriott Hotel

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