She's back. Dido. With an album that gently blows in like a beautiful breeze. An album on which sadness and joy, melancholy and happiness merge weightlessly. Carried by this well-known voice that stands above everything. Soft, familiar and in a wonderful tone. Melodies that take you in their arms as the beat flows soothingly along. And determined by a painful intimacy that touches our innermost.


On her last album she was the "Girl Who Got Away". After five years of radio silence, Dido is now back in the limelight. Dido Armstrong is responsible for two of the best-selling albums in the history of the British charts; her 2000 release "No Angel" is still the world's best-selling debut album by a British artist. In total, the singer and songwriter has been able to generate over 40 million record sales to date. "Actually, it was never my plan to hang up the music," says Dido. "I'm not a person who likes to make plans or think long-term. I can't estimate what next week will be. Or next year. But I enjoy the present all the more. I love to live in the moment."


Early on Dido was literally carried away by her gigantic success. Her career began as a background singer for Faithless, her brother Rollo's band. Soon she made a name for herself as a support act for Faithless on their tour to their 1996 debut album. Her first solo album was released in 1998. With "No Angel" she achieved a growing success, which slowly but surely increased to become the best selling album of the year 2001. At a time when Dido was touring the globe all the time, followed up on the great "Life For Rent" in 2003 and performed an unforgettable performance at the Live8 Festival in front of billions of TV viewers all over the world in 2005. "I was on tour for nine years without interruption. Then I pulled the plug. Just like that." It was high time for Dido to devote himself to real life again.

On the "Safe Trip Home" released in 2008 Dido presented himself from a more acoustic-orchestral side. "I love this album. It has proven to be timeless in my eyes." Nevertheless, the Brit decided against another tour. "I had just settled back into my private life. It was an extremely liberating realization that I could just make music - and that my fans would experience it on their own."

In 2008 Dido stood at the altar, her son Stanley was born in 2011. With "Girl Who Got Away" her next album was released in 2013, with which Dido did not go on tour either. "I only have very vague memories of the work on the last album. All songs were sung during my pregnancy. It was kind of delightful and I wanted people to hear these songs at all costs. So I released the record. After that I realized that I just wanted to spend time with my child. The only real thought for a very long time."


With her comeback Dido surprises her fans as well as herself. "To be honest, this record was made almost by chance. One morning I woke up and wanted to work with my brother Rollo again. He is the real reason for my career as a musician. We are a great team. I enjoy his company and we work together like clockwork. We spent a great time together, went for walks with the dogs, talked about music and the world and composed this album on the side."

Already on the hypnotic opening track "Hurricanes" Dido conjures up the indomitable power of love, combines artfully touching songwriting and gently flowing beats. "I originally come from club music. I find it exciting to compose my songs out of a certain atmosphere. I spend an incredible amount of time on the backing tracks to create certain images. Like a kind of head cinema that slowly develops into a song." A way of working that she also follows on "You Don't Need A God", with which Dido created a haunting hymn to the power of music.

On the fragile ballad "Give You Up" Dido reports on the situation of getting back on his feet after a failed relationship. A key song is "Have To Stay", on which she deals with the very personal subject of motherly love without drifting into over-sentimental realms. "I write from a completely new way of thinking. I guess if you have a child, you're moving in an 

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May 2019

Wiener Stadthalle

 Wiener Stadthalle is an indoor arena , located in the 15th district of Vienna, Austria . It was designed by Austrian architect Roland Rainer and built from 1953 to 1958 . The arena HAS to overall seating capacity of 16,000 people Approximately .

The arena Comprises 6 halls : A and B ( grammar school ), C (ice arena) , D ( main hall , mostly for concerts eg Metallica ), E ( for smaller events eg The Stehaufmandln ) & F ( for more intimate concerts eg Women's World Award). In 1974 , the additional Stadthallenbad , a public swimming pool , which built .

The arena hosts annual tennis tournament at , called Erste Bank Open and the show Holiday On Ice.
Many famous shows and artists played at the Wiener Stadthalle, spanning many different genres of music .

By Bildagentur Zolles - Bildagentur Zolles, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9031223
© By Bildagentur Zolles - Bildagentur Zolles, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=9031223
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