Dirk Stermann & Christoph Grissemann

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PreviousJuly 2022

Loriot's "Dramatic Works" read and performed by Stermann & Grissemann

"My husband is a little full around the hips."

If this sentence inevitably pops into your brain when you enter a men's clothing shop, you are probably Loriot-infected in the most pleasant way. This congenial disease leads, at the sight of a submissive head waiter, to an immediate: "You're probably not going to talk into my food now" and, on Christmas Eve, prayerfully, of course, to: "There used to be more tinsel". One cannot help it. You can't resist quoting Loriot incessantly, but you can also listen to the affectionate examination of the German cardigan philistine.

Stermann and Grissemann follow up with "Das Ei ist hart! The second Loriot programme of the Austrian cabaret artists is supposed to be even more amusing than the first, say the two themselves. So, finish eating your Cossack tip, tie your tieth. Er, pardon me, tie your tie and watch this. It won't be to your disadvantage!

I say.

Program and cast

With Dirk Stermann and Christoph Grissemann

At the piano: Philippine Duchateau

Theater in the Park

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