El Palacio Andaluz Flamenco show

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At El Palacio Andaluz you can see the best flamenco show in Andalusia. The reason? It is the tablao that has the largest cast of flamenco artists for a daily show of these characteristics. A sensational staging of pure and traditional flamenco performed by bailaores, guitarists, cantaores and palmeros of recognized national and international prestige.

A performance that bears the rubric of Emilio Ramírez, ‘El Duende’, principal dancer, choreographer and artistic director of this show full of feeling and passion.

And, what can you see in this flamenco show? Especially art, a lot of art. The show begins with alegrías de Cádiz. Continues with the Spanish Classic ‘Torre del Oro’, ‘Wedding of Luis Alonso’ and ‘Sevilla’. Then, tarantos, seguiriyas, soleás, alegrías and cañas take the flamenco tablao to give way to the flamenco adaptation of the Ópera ‘Carmen’.

Program and cast

El Palacio Andaluz

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