Erwin Steinhauer & His Loved Ones

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June 2021

2021 marks the hundredth anniversary of H. C. Artmann's birth. Reason enough for Erwin Steinhauer and his musician friends to take another look at his extensive oeuvre. For Alfred Kolleritsch, "the work of H. C. S ... is the collected salvation of poetry, the vastness of language reaches into all the possible worlds of the imagination. it creates these worlds for itself and narrates their diversity. what freedom of writing, of inventing, of enchanting is, i found in his work - the friendliest anarchism imaginable. "Steinhauer, together with his musical travelling companions, explores these fantastic worlds of H. C. Artmann, which are woven together here into a turbulent, poetic and humorous text-music collage. The music is as multi-layered as the stories, juggling with many styles and conjuring up cinema for the ears.

Program and cast

Erwin Steinhauer - voice

Georg Graf - wind instruments

Joe Pinkl - keyboard, trombone

Peter Rosmanith - Percussion, Hang

Theater in the Park

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