Eva Maria Marold

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January 1970

Eva Maria Marold is an actress, housewife, cabaret artist, singer, mother, author, presenter, mediator (i.e., in this function mainly working for her sons!) and dancer (specialising in intimidating Burgenland body expression dance). In any case she is versatile. But now she is also versatile disinterested! How dare she!!!? Versatile? - Yes, please. Disinterested? - No, thanks.

In her new cabaret programme, the artist explores the question why opposites are so important and whether the opposite of something bad is automatically something good. Would it perhaps be better to be interested one-sidedly instead of being disinterested in many ways? Questions upon questions. In her typical cheeky and humorous way she examines human behaviour patterns and tries to find out why we are so quickly ready to agree with whoever shouts the loudest. Why do we often make a mosquito into an elephant instead of a mosquito once?

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CasaNova Vienna

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