FAT BREAD The Tour 2019

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January 1970

New Year's resolution: finally fall in love again. Into the world, life, people. Granted: you want to find them, it and everyone well, but it's just hard. At the moment people are angry hard. Individuals and whole societies are drifting to the right, losing themselves in the darkness. Fat bread can always sing a funny song about it.


Which other local rap group brings protest songs about homophobia and misogyny ("gay girls") into the top ten? Disapproves our lack of compassion on the occasion of reports of mass exodus and assassinations ("On days like these")? Does the fatal overdose of cuddly drugs ("Leave your fingers off the e, Manuela") have a theme? Does all sex dolls dance to a rave bouncer about a new, medially forced impotence ("Bettina, please put something on")?
The fact that they don't stick their outstretched forefinger in the eye, but mercilessly tickle through our super-optimized bodies, makes them indispensable court jesters in this digital dictatorship of switched on.
In 2019, with a laughing aid book at the Rowohlt publishing house (based on their weekly Njoy radio consultation "Was Wollen Wissen") and their 9th studio album "Lovestory" in a rolling case, they finally return to the battle zone. We know: they make hits when they slip over their jeans. On stage, the beastly boys tear themselves as beautiful holes into the cans as few others.
Believe it or not: next autumn Björn Beton, King Boris and Doc Renz will perform their triple headstand on countless stage boards from here to there. We already call this "the tour 2019".

Program and cast

Wiener Gasometer

Since the end of the 1990s, four teams of star architects have been working on converting four 112-year-old gasometers into a new urban complex.


Public transport: Gasometer Station
Subway line U3
Nightbus line N75
Car: Highway "Autobahn" A23 Südosttangente, Exit "St. Marx"

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