For your sake

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January 1970

In the Cafe Benatzky-Leopoldi a very special musical melange is served.

One piano humorist and entertainer, the other highly successful author composer for theatre, operetta and film. Leopoldi, forced to emigrate to America as a Jew, just as successful there as in his old homeland, loved and celebrated until his death after his return to Austria.

Benatzky, responsible for many highly successful operettas, including the "Weiße Rössel", present in many European metropolises, leaves this Europe out of disgust for the Nazi regime of the 1930s and to protect his Jewish lover, but cannot gain a foothold in America, rejects all offers of the UFA to work from exile for German films, returns after the war and is forgotten.

Program and cast

Voice: Erwin Steinhauer

Kammerspiele der Josefstadt

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