Herbert Steinböck - Gotcha!

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January 1970

"Ätsch" The new programme by and with Herbert Steinböck

Director: Gerold Rudle

Yes, it's time!
Herbert Steinböck is 60 years old!

His plan was that he would not only celebrate properly on this occasion, but also retire immediately ... or write a new horny 60s cabaret programme ... perhaps with the title: "60 years, what now" ... or something similarly clever.

But then everything will be different!

What actually happens when he suddenly learns that he was switched 60 years ago when he was a baby...and nobody really knows with whom? Then it's just "Ätsch"!

Fate turns his long nose. And suddenly life becomes more turbulent than the 60 years before.

Can you start all over again? Finally change your life, drink less, live healthier and maybe even start doing sports at last?

Maybe you could rob a bank and then head off to the Caribbean? The other Herbert Steinböck would have to go to prison anyway.
And on this occasion - alimony for the ex should also be paid by the other one. "Burn"

But who are you then yourself? Who do you want to be? And can you simply choose?

Maybe Herbert Steinböck was a daring pilot all along (Yeahh) or the boss of the GTI Club Atzgersdorf (Geil Oida..)?

Or is he a mummy's boy who still lives with his mum ("Ätsch")? Or who is really famous? A Zillertal womanizer (Jodelidü) or even better: Michael Jackson (I'm bad), he would be at least the same age.
One thing is for sure: The answers will be available in autumn 2018 and only in Herbert Steinböck's new solo programme "Ätsch"!

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