Joseph and Mary

May I say something profound? The century, which is a millennium, is drawing to a close and we with it. In German, we'll soon be there, and Objektschutz GesmbH can tell us crosswise.

You comfort me, Mrs. Maria.

Mr. Josef, the Lord God has sent you.

A "Christmas fairy tale for adults": Joseph and Mary meet by chance on Christmas Eve in the staff room of a large department store. After she was explicitly uninvited by her son's family and he is alone at all, the two spend the night together and give each other comfort. Until a little Christmas miracle happens and the two experience a kind of second spring in winter.

Program and cast

Director: Alexander Kubelka
Stage design: Florian Etti
Costumes:Elis abeth Ostrich
Music: Boris Fiala
Choreography: Kerstin Gmoser-Danzer
Dramaturgy: Leonie Seibold
Lighting: Sebastian Schubert

Josef Pribil, 71 years old, temporary employee at the security and locking company: Johannes Silberschneider
Maria Patzak, 69 years, casual cleaning woman: Ulli Maier

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January 1970

Kammerspiele der Josefstadt

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