Karita Mattila & Ville Matvejeff

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PreviousMay 1971

Festive Gala with Soprano Karita Mattila
She's never mediocre, never inconspicuous, always rousing.

La Karita celebrates her 60th birthday with a grand gala accompanied by the Festspielorchester and conductor Hannu Lintu. This event is the hot topic of the summer.

Program and cast

Karita Mattila, soprano

Ville Matvejeff, pianist


Yrjö Kilpinen

From the song cycle ”Songs of the Fells” 
The Church by the Water op. 54 no. 2
To Song” op. 52 no. 3
Song of Summer op. 54 no. 3

Erkki Melartin

Miriam’s Song I op. 4 no. 3
Miriam’s Song II op. 4 no. 4

Toivo Kuula

Marjatta’s Song op. 8 no. 2
Summer Night in the Churchyard op. 6 no. 1
Morning Song op. 2 no. 3
Long I stared into the Fire op. 2 no. 2
Blue Maiden op. 23 no. 1
Epilogue op. 6 no. 2


Aulis Sallinen

Four Dream Songs op. 30 
1 Man made from sleep
2 Cradle song for a dead horseman
3 Three dreams, each within each
4 There is no stream

Oskar Merikanto

Folk Song (Where Rustling Birches Bend) op. 90 no. 1
Bye, Bye, My Sweet Swaddled Baby op. 2 no. 1
Apple Blossoms, op. 53 no. 1
I Am Alive! op. 71 no. 1

Ralf Gothóni

From the song cycle ”5 Finnish Folk Songs” 
3 The Piper Shepherd
4 A Wandring on a Summer’s Eve
5 Come, Hurry My Darling

Kerimäki Church

The Kerimäki Church in Kerimäki, Finland, is the largest wooden church in the world.


Designed by Anders Fredrik Granstedt and built between 1844 and 1847, the church has a length of 45 metres (148 ft), a width of 42 m (138 ft), a height of 37 m (121 ft) and a seating capacity of more than 3,000. Altogether, there can be 5,000 people at a time in the church.

It has been rumoured that the size of the church was the result of a miscalculation when it was built (supposedly the architect was working in centimetres, which the builder misunderstood to be inches, which are 2.54 times larger). Further studies, however, have shown that the church was actually intended to be as big as it is, so it could easily accommodate a half of the area's population at the same time.

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