Karl Markovics, Matthias Bartolomey & Helmut Deutsch

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May 2021

The fact that the weekend does not always go hand in hand with inner or outer highs, although it is the longing place of the week, is told by cheerful to cloudy stories by Peter Altenberg, Alfred Polgar, Joseph Roth, Felix Salten, Christoph Ransmayer, Thomas Bernhard and others. Texts that hold up a mirror to us about people and life.

They are those authors and feuilletonists from a time and an environment with which Karl Markovics, Austria's award-winning exceptional artist, versatile character actor, director and multi-talent obviously knows a lot and is able to look deep into the abysses of the Austrian soul with brooding, detail and linguistic love.

With Matthias Bartolomey, one of the most versatile and interesting Austrian cellists of the younger generation, and Helmut Deutsch, the accompanist on the piano and an absolute world champion in his field, two exceptional Viennese musicians contribute plenty of dance-like, melancholy and extremely upbeat music by Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert, Fritz Kreisler and others.

Program and cast

Karl Markovics, speaker

Matthias Bartolomey, violoncello

Helmut Deutsch, piano

Theater in the Park

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