Kaya Yanar

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PreviousFebruary 1972

Kaya likes to freak out. Not very often, but more and more often. Is it him, is it everything else? Do we live in a time that is so stressful and crazy that you have to freak out to stay halfway healthy? And if so, what's the best way to do that? Wait until everything becomes too much for you and then emigrate, burn-out or amok? Of course not! Do it like Kaya. Freak out, but with style, elegance and above all, humor. Kaya is always upset about everything: public toilets, traffic jams, car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians (depending on how he is on the road), old people, young people, children, babies, TV stations, foreigners, nationals... "The older I get, the more I notice how my tolerance for bullshit is getting thinner and thinner. As a 10-year-old you are looking forward to the big wide world, as a 20-year-old you have already met some dorks, as a 30-year-old you think: ok, not everything is great here, but you get along, as a 40-year-old: Oh God! "This can't go on like this." "Freaking out for beginners" - 2 hours of life assistance with Doctor Yanar in a special way: Funny, intelligent, humorous, self-deprecating and just plain wacky!

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