Klenk & Scheuba

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May 2021

The investigative journalist and the investigative cabaret artist in a joint conversation about the political reality of our country. Scheuba and Klenk pointedly review the biggest corruption scandals of the last few years, discovering surprising connections, absurd correlations and strange coincidences. And they show why confession is often the best way to get away with it in this country.

FLORIAN KLENK, editor-in-chief of the Viennese city newspaper Falter, has already received several awards for his journalistic investigative work. He is known for his investigative journalism on human rights violations, corruption, human trafficking and abuses in the judicial and police apparatus.

FLORIAN SCHEUBA has won several awards and has been a well-known and successful satirist for many years as a cabaret artist, author and actor. In the form of investigative cabaret, he has been dealing with Austrian society, politics and reality in his programmes, columns and books for years.

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