La Traviata in Florence

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PreviousJune 2021

In the enchanting of Auditorium Santo Stefano, near Ponte Vecchio, the beathing heart of Florentine Renaissance, let yourself be carried away by the sublime voices of opera singers who can take you by the hand into a timeless story, sites of love found and then sacrificed between Alfredo and Violetta in a short version of the famous opera by Giuseppe Verdi that excited the world: the Traviata.


(available from september 2019)

Selection of Tuscan Salami and Cheese D.O.P with onion jam.(honey on the table)

Pici with ragùsauce made of Fiorentini tomatoesand Parmisan flakes.

Grilled pork with Filet Thyme and vegetable Caponatina.

Tarts with two chocolates cream.

Program and cast

Violet Valery - Soprano
Fulvia Mastrobuono / Mariangela Cafaro

Alfredo Germont - Tenor
Mattia Nebbiai / Claudio Sassetti

Giorgio Germont - Baritone
Francesco Luccioni / Enrico Paoletti

Pianist - Beamer Bartoli
Double bass - Antonio Lipari
Dancers - Martina Maiani, Francesca Cavezza, Lara Cavezza, Edoardo Zanobini, Kristel Kure, Giacomo Fabbio

Directed by Antonio Lipari
Choreographies - Donatella Cantagallo
Scenes and costumes - Minea De Mattia

Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte

Santo Stefano al Ponte is a church in Florence, Italy.

The church was originally constructed in the 11th and 12th century in a Romanesque style with a polychrome marble facade. The interior featured three aisles. In the 14th century, the exterior was renovated. Of the original facade, only the marble work around the portal remains. Between 1631 and 1655, the interior of the church was renovated to convert the three aisles to an open hall. A crypt was added and the interior was redesigned to include a choir.

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