Maxime The Forester

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January 1970

Almost six years after Le Cadeau, Maxime Le Forestier is back with a new album to be released in the spring. A dozen new poetic, realistic or ironic titles - a rich and clear harvest, with its customary elegance and comforting warmth.

Ten songs that appear now in a form very close to the one they will have on stage. No proud arrangements, no great orchestral gestures. Not too much to appear.

Program and cast

Casino de Paris

There are predestined places in Paris. The Casino de Paris is located in one of these magical places.

As early as 1730, where meadows and trees were visible, a site was created for the Duke of Richelieu's distractions. The "Folie Richelieu", which was then more democratically attended, became a place of entertainment until 1811. It is replaced by the Tivoli, a very large amusement park run by a pyrotechnician named Ruggieri, still today the great name for Paris' fireworks.

It was during the dark period of the 1914-1918 war that the Casino de Paris adopted the formula that made it a legend in the Parisian Music Hall.

In 1851, the Trinity Church was built on the site of the Tivoli. Is this the end of the place's vocation of pleasure and joy? No, because Baron Haussmann, the all-powerful developer of Paris, had it dismantled and rebuilt a little lower down!

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