Michael Köhlmeier & Konrad Paul Liessmann

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May 2021

Michael Köhlmeier invites you to a conversation with Konrad Paul Liessmann about thinking and reflection.

Joint works by Michael Köhlmeier & Konrad Paul Liessmann:

Who Told You You Were Naked, Adam? Mythological-philosophical seductions

Let him cast the first stone. Mythological-philosophical condemnations

Konrad Paul Liessmann, born in 1953, is professor for methods of teaching philosophy and ethics at the University of Vienna. He has been director of the Philosophicum Lech since 1996. Numerous publications on topics of aesthetics and educational policy. His book Theory of Uneducation. The Fallacies of the Knowledge Society was also a broad public success.

Michael Köhlmeier, born in 1949, studied German and political science in Marburg an der Lahn, half of his studies were in mathematics and philosophy in Giessen, married to the writer Monika Helfer, son Lorenz is a painter, daughter Paula was a writer, she died in an accident in 2003 at the age of 21, temporarily host of Club 2 on ORF. Selection from his works: Abendland (novel), The Adventures of Joel Spazierer (novel), Two Gentlemen on the Beach (novel), Brother and Sister Lenobel (novel), The Fairy Tales (collection).

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