Murder in the Orientexpress

German by Michael Raab
For the stage edited by
Ken Ludwig

Hercule Poirot should have a comfortable ride in the famous Orientexpress, but shortly after the departure, the train gets stuck in the snow-covered landscape. The tension increases as the white winter idyll suddenly turns blood red: One of the passengers was murdered with eight stab wounds. Missing tracks in the snow allow only one conclusion: The murderer is still in the Orientexpress, and now Poirot is on the train. Little by little he gathers circumstantial evidence that couldn't be more varied: a handkerchief with treacherous initials, a torn off uniform button, a mysterious conductor whom no one knows - and finally a second attempt at murder takes place.

Program and cast

Director: Werner Sobotka
Stage design: Walter Vogelweider
Costumes: Elisabeth Gressel
Dramaturgy: Barbara Nowotny
Light: Manfred Grohs

Hercule Poirot: Siegfried Walther
Monsieur Bouc:Joha nnes Seilern
Mary Debenham: Alexandra Krismer
Hector MacQueen: Martin Niedermair
Michel (conductor) / head waiter: Markus Kofler
Princess Dragomiroff: Marianne Nentwich
Greta Ohlsson: Therese Lohner
Countess Andrenyi: Michaela Klamminger
Helen Hubbard: Ulli Maier
Colonel Arbuthnot / Samuel Ratchett: Paul Matic

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