Musicbanda Franui & Nikolaus Habjan

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July 2021

An evening of Georg Kreisler songs with Nikolaus Habjan and the Musicbanda Franui

At the Theater im Park, the celebrated puppeteer and art whistler Nikolaus Habjan and the fabulous Musicbanda Franui bring their evening of songs by the great Austrian song composer, judge of character and word acrobat Georg Kreisler (1922-2011) to the stage - with several puppets, lots of singing, bitterly wicked lyrics and the quirky sound battery of dulcimer, harp, zither, violin, double bass, accordion and all kinds of woodwind and brass instruments.

Program and cast

Musicbanda Franui           

Johannes Eder (clarinet, bass clarinet)

Andreas Fuetsch (tuba)

Romed Hopfgartner (soprano and alto saxophone, clarinet)

Markus Kraler (double bass, accordion)

Angelika Rainer (harp, zither, vocals)

Bettina Rainer (dulcimer, vocals)

Markus Rainer (trumpet, vocals)

Andreas Schett (trumpet, vocals, musical direction)

Martin Senfter (valve trombone, vocals)

Nikolai Tunkowitsch (violin)

Nikolaus Habjan (puppetry, solo singing, recitation, artificial pipes)

Theater in the Park

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