Norbert Schneider & Band

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July 2021

It is, 'The way it is': wholemeal toast with jam

On the cover a slice of wholemeal toast, spread with apricot jam. Bread on top. Jam below. A photographed still life with the recorded realisation that falling bread always comes to rest on the jam side. The way it is, that's the way it is', says Nobert Schneider. Ah yes. And that's how it is, his new album:

'So wie's is' is the title of the album and there is no song with the same name on it. That's good, because there's no danger of falling into the title song trap. Mr Schneider has written, sung, recorded and produced 13 new songs. 13 new songs, all in Viennese dialect and taking the liberty of celebrating genre diversity without coming across as an indefinable 'von-allem-a-bissl-was'. It is a...


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