Opera a Palazzo - La Traviata

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January 1970

Adolphe Thiers' home opens its doors to 30 guests for a unique experience in France, celebrating the tradition of 19th century art salons

Up close to the artists

As if you were the guests of the master of the house holding the salon, let yourself be guided through the mansion, then be carried away by the power of the opera. You will be dazzled by the artists just a few metres from your eyes, who, erasing distances, will let you experience the opera "from the inside".

An exceptional residence

Enter the secret of the historian-collector's cabinet, admire the treasures of the Thiers library and the art collection during a private visit.

Enjoy the privilege of a confidential reception. The art and history of this heritage become the immersive setting of the opera.

Opera in a different way

Discover an adaptation of Verdi's La Traviata centred on the three main roles accompanied by piano, violin and cello.

So, with the opera booklet in hand, follow Violetta from one salon to another and share a glass of champagne with her, from her social reception to her country house, until her tragic end.

Extend this precious moment by meeting the artists in the softness of the garden or in a lounge for an informal exchange over a cocktail.
Recognised expertise

Opera a Palazzo initiates the French version of Musica a Palazzo, creator of immersive operas for more than ten years in Venice, whose founders have transmitted to the artistic team the soul of this unique experience. This one and a half hour version has won The Argus Angel Award.

The costumes are from the renowned Atelier Nicolao, a Venetian handicraft company that since 1980 has been creating historical costumes and dresses for major film productions as well as opera houses such as the Lyric Opera of Chicago, the New National Theatre of Tokyo, Teatro La Fenice of Venice.

The cast features outstanding artists from major opera productions.

Program and cast

Soprano: Emilie Rose Bry

Soprano: Armelle Khourdoïan

Soprano: Aurélie Loilier

Tenor: Matthieu Justine

Tenor: Thomas Ricart

Tenor: Mathieu Septier

Baritone: Benoît Gadel

Baritone: Jiwon Song

Baritone: Timothée Varon

Piano: Yuko Osawa

Piano: Philip Richardson

Piano: Katia Weimann

Violinist: Anne Balu

Violinist: Estelle Diep

Violinist: Roxana Rastegar

Cellist: Cecilia Careno

Cellist: Carlotta Persico

Cellist: Suzanne Wolff

Hotel Dosne-Thiers

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