Private Murder & Mysteries

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PreviousNovember 2024

Why this tour?

Underneath her rich beauty Venice hides a wealth of dark secrets. Dive into a maze of ill-lit alleyways to discover another side of La Serenissima.
Learn about the public executions in St Mark’s Square and the inhumane mental asylums on the lagoon islands.
Hear lurid tales of courtesans, casinos and brothels and of course Casanova and 'the last kissing spot'. Shiver when you listen to a story of mysterious footprints, a headless body and a head seen floating in a canal. Find out about the “Assassins Alleyway” and the murdered women dressed in white!

Stumble on secret courtyards and architectural gems such as an impressive spiral staircase. Finally, learn the story of the ill-fated theatre, “La Fenice” and the mystery of the last fire.


For the Murders and Mysteries Venice Evening Walk you should meet your guide under the arches in front of the entrance to the Correr Museum. 
You will then set off through the narrow streets in the gathering dusk to discover an entirely different Venice where shadows linger and footsteps echo.
Feel a chill on the back of your neck as your guide tells scary stories of the murder and mayhem that has occurred in the city over centuries. Those dark narrow alleyways and hidden squares have seen terrible deeds and ghostly happenings


Licensed Expert Venice Tour Guide


Food and drink;
Optional gratuities;
The tour does not include inside visits to museums or attractions;
Hotel drop off.

Essential Information

Experience the darker side of Venice!
Hear ghostly tales and ghastly legends from the past
Feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck

Program and cast

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