Rome Goes Baroque

In the heart of Rome, in the beautiful Biblioteca Angelica, you can attend two splendid and suggestive chamber concerts, exceptionally performed on copies of original instruments. Thechosenpieces come from the brilliant minds of composers such as Vivaldi, Haendel and Bach, who through their works, their style, their students, have forever marked the history of European music.

A journey through their sacred compositions, deeply inspired and masterfully conceived and created, performed by flute, harpsichord and Soprano.

Program and cast

Thursday 19 September2019

Duo flute harpsichord:

"Splendors of the Baroque"

Music by Vivaldi/Chedeville, Haendel, Paradisi, Gluck and Telemann

Haendel: sonata in F major for flute and continuo

D. Paradises: Touched for solo harpsichord

G. Ph. Telemann: Fantasy for solo flute

W. Gluck: Dance of the Blessed Spirits by "Orpheus and Eurydice"

G.Fr Haendel: Passacaglia in G minor for solo harpsichord

A. Vivaldi /Chedeville : Sonata from the collection "Il Pastor fido"-

Friday 9 October 2019

Trio Soprano - Flute - Harpsichord

"Motets and sacred airs of European Baroque"

Music by Vivaldi, Marcello, Bach, Haendel and Buxtehude

D. Buxtehude: "Singet dem Herrn" motet

A. Vivaldi: Aria "Domine Deus" from "Gloria"

J.S. Bach: "Aria" from the third Suite, "Gesù Gioia" from the cantata BWV 147

A. Marcello: Concerto for oboe and strings (transcription for flute and harpsichord)

G.Fr. Haendel: three German arias, Aria "Let me cry" from the Opera "Rinaldo"

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January 1970

Angelica Library

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