Salisbury Cathedral Choir

Salisbury Cathedral Choir:
The famous choir of Salisbury Cathedral has cultivated a long tradition of church music since the inauguration of the church in 1258. Today 16 boys and 16 girls aged 8 - 13 sing the weekly church services. In 1991, the same year that the 900th anniversary of the founding of the very first boys' choir in Old Sarum was celebrated, Salisbury became the first English cathedral to form its own independent foundation for women's choirs, singing a full chorus every day, and on Sunday morning there is also a chorus and a Eucharist. In addition to singing for church services, there are other regular commitments such as BBC broadcasts, concerts, CD recordings and the annual Southern Cathedrals Festival. The choir is also happy to tour overseas, Latvia, Estonia, France, Italy and this year Austria, where it will give concerts in Salzburg Cathedral and St. Stephen's Cathedral.

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April 2019

St. Stephen's Cathedral

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