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A woman, a man and their letters: That is the stuff of A. R. Gurney's 1990 Pulitzer Prize nominated play Love Letters. The people writing to each other here are called Andy and Melissa - two middle-class "royal children" from 20th century America; they cannot come together, and they will not let go of each other.

The trail of their letters stretches from the first notes they slipped each other under the school desk before the Second World War to the time of answering machines. It is the story of a great love, intelligent, cheeky, but at times also subdued, doubtful and melancholic - this is how Melissa and Andrew reflect on their experiences, their thoughts, their visions. Their paths part. But the hope for the other and his answers never ends.

Albert Ramsdell Gurney was born on 1 November 1930 in Buffalo, New York. In addition to his work as a professor of literature at M. I. T. in Cambridge, he made a name for himself as one of the most sought-after contemporary writers on the Off-Broadway scene. In his award-winning plays, he uses psychological acumen to look behind the façade of wealth and prestige of his characters. His greatest success came in 1989 with The Cocktail Hour and Love Letters, which were staged on many international stages.

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