Special Pub Crawls 2019

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January 1970


Duration: 4 hours



Meeting time 9:30pm




● Drinks

● One hour open bar (beer, wine)

● One of the most iconic and classical bar scene of Europe (3 ruin bars +1 club)

● Party the night away in One of the most happening clubs of the city

● FUN. With capitals.



Saint Paddy’s Day (2019.03.16.)

“So what if I threw a party and all my friends were there?
Acquaintances, relatives, the girls who never cared”

Are you ready to roar in the city in the night of the party and fun? Would you like to celebrate the booziest night of the year? Would you like discover the city with one of the most amazing bar scenes of Europe at the perfect night? Are you ready to spend a night that is straight out of a Dropkick Murphy’s song?? Than hesitate no more, and join our Saint Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl special, and celebrate like a true irishman! Let’s give to Saint Paddy’s what’s Saint Paddy’s!


April’s Fool Day (2019.04.01.)

Do you want to have a hot air balloon ride over the city sipping the most expensive vintage champagne while 50 Cent hands you over a cuban cigar? 

Gotcha like an april’s fool!

If you are only in here to spend 8500HUF not 8500Dollars, let’s go and discover the infamous ruin bar scene of Budapest, and have the biggest blast meanwhile. What’s included: shots, 1 hour open bar, the entrance to one of the most happening places in the city, tears and stomach-ache from laughing hysterical.



International Worker’s day/ European Labor Day (2019.05.01)

Are you tired of working in the factory? You had enough of your comrade’s bs? You just really want to show to those imperialist ruling class chaps who really run things here? Wanna do the five year-plan of heavy partying in one night? Than join us for the world’s first socialist pub crawl special! The tour takes you to the infamous ruin bar scenes of Budapest, and helps you to become the Stahanov of your generation! The tour includes: shots, one hour of free drinking (beer and wine), and entrance to one of the most happening clubs of the city! We need you, Comrade!

Summer’s Solstice/ Midsummer Night (2019.06.24.)

Since the dawn of time midsummer night was a basis of legends and myths. Heroes born at this day, magic happened in unexpected ways, and although the night is the shortest at this particular day, it is mystical and waiting to be explored! The midsummer pub crawl special offers you a  special chance to explore the infamous ruin bar scene of Budapest in one of the most amazing night of the year. The fun and the good company is guaranteed.

St. Stephen’s Day (2019.08.20.)

If you’re in the capital of Hungary at august the 20th, you are in luck. This day is one of the biggest national holidays of hungarians, and they celebrate accordingly! Also Budapest is home to one of the most classic and unique bar scenes of Europe, that is worth to check out! Celebrate this day with us and get to know more about the local culture, while having an ice-cold drink in your hands!


End of the Summer, end of the world? (2019.08.31.)

Well… however it was, it’s over. Fear not though! We have one more night, one big shot in our pocket, to really let this summer go in it’s full glory. We’re not gonna lie, guys: this is gonna be a night of heavy drinking, uncontrollable laughs and fading memories! But this is exactly what this summer deserves! Come and join us for this pub crawl special to celebrate the most beautiful season of the year booze the night away than dance until the morning in the most happening places of the city.


Halloween (2019.10.31.)

How would you like to spend the spookiest night of the year in the company of fellow travelers, in Europe’s most classic bar scene? Looking for something really special this halloween eve? Would you like to ‘zombie crawl’ your way through the longest night of the year in Budapest?  
Be part of our  special pub crawl of thirsty vampires and witches visit 3 of the most classic ruin bars of the city, and dance the everlong night away to the melodic sound of the organ in one of the most happening clubs in town.
And of course what would halloween look like without some candy and facepaint? 

Come and join us in the haunted night!

Christmas Pub Crawl (2019.12.26)

Who says all the Holiday days should be quiet and chill? The last day of Christmas truly can be about mad fun and questionable decisions as well. How would you like to spend one of the most sacred night of the year in the company of fellow travelers, in Europe’s most classic bar scene? Looking for something really special this Christmas eve? Join us and party with the grinch to dance off all the hard Christmas meals and discover the nightlife of our capital. We are all local experts who know where to take you out even on this day, the ruin bar scene of Budapest is waiting for you with open arms. 


NYE Warm up (2019.12.29.)


Do you feel the coming of the New Year? How about some warm up for the big night? Everyone parties on the 31st, but why stay home on the Saturday before? Come and join us for a Pre-NYE madness throughout the ruin bar scene of Budapest spreading the joy and smiles within the traveler community. When nobody is out and everyone wants to be, we provide the fun and the party. We are locals, we simply know where to go. 


NYE Pub Crawl (2019.12.31.)


Looking for a real party while spending the NYE in Budapest? How would like to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Budapest’s most famous local venues, the ruin bars and greet the New Year in the most entertaining surroundings that the city can offer?

Do you want to take part in the biggest shenanigan Budapest offers for New Year’s Eve wanderers. 

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of 3 hungarian ruin bars,and get into one of the most happening clubs in the end jumping the line like royalty with us in our New Year’s Eve Pub Crawl!


Price Includes

● A local shot

● 1,5 hour open bar (beer, wine, local spritzer)

● A glass of champagne at midnight

● Entrance to a great NYE party with skipping all queues

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