The Elixir of Love

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January 1970

Program and cast

Melodramma Giocoso in two acts (1832)

After Eugène Scribe's Le Philtre based on Auber

Music : Gaetano Donizetti - (1797-1848)

Libretto : Felice Romani

Conductor : Giampaolo Bisanti - (28 sept. > 30 oct.) Leonardo Sini - (2, 9 nov.)

Director : Laurent Pelly

Costume design : Laurent Pelly

Set design : Chantal Thomas

Lighting design : Joël Adam

Dramaturgy : Agathe Mélinand

Chorus master : Alessandro Di Stefano

Orchestre et Choeurs de l’Opéra national de Paris

Coproduction avec le Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, Londres


Adina : Sydney Mancasola

Nemorino : Matthew Polenzani (28 Sept. > 21 Oct.)

Pene Pati (24 Oct. > 9 Nov.)

Belcore : Simone Del Savio

Il Dottor Dulcamara : Carlo Lepore (28 Sept. > 9 Oct.)

Ambrogio Maestri (13 Oct. > 9 Nov.)

Giannetta : Lucrezia Drei

Paris Opera - Opéra Bastille

Opéra Bastille
A great modern theatre
The Opéra Bastille is the work of the Canadian-Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, who was chosen in November 1983 after an international competition that attracted entries from some 1,700 architects. The theatre was inaugurated on July 13th 1989.
Its architecture is marked by transparent façades and by the use of identical materials for both the interiors and the exteriors.
With its 2,700 acoustically consistent seats, its unique stage facilities, its integrated scenery, costume and accessory workshops, as well as its numerous work areas and rehearsal rooms, the Opera Bastille is a great modern theatre.
Stage facilities

Orchestra pit, mobile and adjustable, can be covered; at its largest it can house 130 musicians
Main stage, 45 m high, 30 m wide, 25 m deep, made up of 9 elevators allowing several levels to be created and supported by three main elevators, which bring scenery up from below stage
Clearing zones, 4 storage areas with the same dimensions as the stage
Backstage area, with its scenery turntable
Circulation area, scenery temporarily stored between the stage, workshops and rehearsal stage
Rehearsal stage, the Salle Gounod, with its orchestra pit and dimensions identical to those of the main stage


The building

Area at ground level: 22,000 m²
Floor area: 160,000 m²
Total height: 80 m (including 30 m below street level)


The auditoriums
The main auditorium

Area: 1,200 m², 5% of the total for the building
Dimensions: 20 m high, 32 m deep, 40 m wide
Number of seats: 2,703
Materials: blue granite from Lannelin in Brittany, pearwood from China, glass ceiling


The amphitheatre

Area: 700 m²
Depth : 21.4 m
Number of seats : 450
Materials: white breccia marble from Verona, staff ceiling


The Studio

Area: 280 m²
Depth: 19,5 m
Number of seats: 237
Materials: white breccia marble from Verona and pearwood


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