The Infinite Tour 2019

More than 130.000 fans made the pilgrimage to their last tour, the anniversary show in the Berlin Wuhlheide in August 2019 with 17.000 visitors was completely sold out after only 20 days. What has long been longed for is now finally official: SDP will go on tour with a new album in 2019!

With over 350 million views on YouTube, countless headliner slots at all major festivals and their status as one of the most successful German bands in the streaming sector, it's clear that there's only one way to go with SDP at the moment: steeply up. In the local media landscape, Vincent and Dag remain, partly quite deliberately, as far as possible under the radar. So the guys - especially considering the meanwhile overwhelming success - more than live up to their title as "Die Bekannteste Unbekannte Band der Welt".
So it's no wonder that the tension on the West Berlin cult band's album announced for 1 March 2019 is rising inexorably! Even on "Die Infendlichste Geschichte" - the 9th studio album in 20 years of band history - SDP remain true to themselves: "We always try something new. Both in terms of the themes of the songs, the stylistic mixes and breaks, but also in terms of the sound of our voices. But nevertheless we seem to have developed our own style and can't help but make a real SDP album".
No other German band creates such a shameless fusion of genres. The crazy musical mixture of quieter and emotional songs, brightly coloured motivation songs and hard rock songs will finally be live again in 2019!

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January 1970

Wiener Gasometer

Since the end of the 1990s, four teams of star architects have been working on converting four 112-year-old gasometers into a new urban complex.


Public transport: Gasometer Station
Subway line U3
Nightbus line N75
Car: Highway "Autobahn" A23 Südosttangente, Exit "St. Marx"

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