The Kidney

Do you expect me to do it? I mean - donate you a kidney?

Depends on how you define "expect". Expect in the sense of "believe" or expect in the sense of "demand"?

You can't expect something like that.

Kathrin needs a kidney. Her husband Arnold should donate his to her.  Unfortunately, the successful architect has not only no time for this, but is also afraid of organ donation: But if a man really loves his wife...

Kathrin resents his hesitation. When a friendly couple bursts into discussion, the question of what one is prepared to do for one's beloved picks up speed. "The Kidney" now uncovers some inner and extramarital surprises. Ultimately, this funny relationship comedy is less about the kidneys than about the heart and love.

Currently about 1100 patients are registered for transplantation in Austria. About 700 organ transplants are performed in Austria every year. The number of live kidney donations has remained relatively constant for several years (approx. 60). However, with a living donation share of about 15% of kidney transplants, Austria lags significantly behind the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia and the USA.
Austrian Rescue Service

Program and cast

Director : Folke Braband
Stage design and costumes : Stephan Dietrich
Dramaturgy : Leonie Seibold
Light : Franz Henmüller
Kathrin : Martina Stilp
Arnold, architect, her husband : Martin Niedermair
Diana, pharmacist : Pilar Aguilera
Götz, Diana's husband : Oliver Huether
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January 1970

Kammerspiele der Josefstadt

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