The Last Judgement

Giudizio Universale. Michelangelo and the Secrets of the Sistine Chapel is a viewer-immersive show made with the scientific advice of the Vatican Museums.

The viewer is taken on a journey through time. It starts by taking us to the sixteenth century to visit the quarries of Carrara on a search for the perfect piece of marble.

Michelangelo’s passion for stone arose out of his relationship with “the giant”, a rock that seemed impossible to sculpt, until he created the most iconic statue of all time: David.

Michelangelo is without a doubt, an artist. He not only sculpts, but also writes poetry and paints. This is why Pope Julius II commissioned him to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

The Chapel will appear to the public as it was before Michelangelo began work on it, and the viewer will explore, in his presence, the lateral paintings carried out by the Italian masters who preceded him.

A magical journey featuring the artist’s creative process where the ceiling paintings dedicated to Genesis come alive and express their humanity.

In 1513, a year after completion of the ceiling fresco, the Sistine Chapel became, for the first time, the place where the Papal conclave, the meeting convened to elect the Pope, would take place. Thanks to a free interpretation, the symbols of this timeless rite come to life.

At the end of the Papal conclave, the viewer will find themselves before the new Pope. Clement VII orders Michelangelo to create the fresco on the main wall of the Sistine Chapel.

A new challenge for Michelangelo, who in a moment of inspiration produces a visionary and powerful fresco depicting the Last Judgement, one which completely breaks with previous tradition.

Giudizio Universale immerses us in an aesthetic, emotional and spiritual experience.

Program and cast


Marco Balich - Creative Director
Sting - Main Theme Song
Lulu Helbek - Co-director
Luke Halls - Video Designer
John Metcalfe - Music Author
Stufish - Entertainment Arhitects Stange Design
Fotis Nikolaou - Coregraphy
Bruno Poet - Light Designer
Rob Halliday - Light Designer
Giovanna Buzzi - Costumes
Plastikart - Props Art Direction
Mirko Perri - Sound Design
Gabriele Vacis - Theatrical Supervision
Luca Speranzoni - Dialogues


Simone Merico - Executive Producer
Gianmaria Serra - Executive Producer
Michele Telaro - Project Manager


Pierfrancesco Favino - Voice of Michelangelo
Susan Sarandon - Voice of the Bible (English Version)
Sonia Scotti - Voice of the Bible
Ennio Coltorti - Voice of Julius II
Luca Biagini - Voice of Clemente VII
Franco Manella - Conclave Voice
David Brandon Haughton - Voice of Julius II
Joseph Murray - Voice of Clemente VII
Douglas Dean - Conclave Voice


Valentino Infuso - Michelangelo
Eugenio di Fraia - Michelangelo
Francesco Maria Cordella - Julius II
Pietro Rebora - Julius II
Rimi Cerloj - Dance Captain
Alessandro Covarelli
Francesca dal Lago
Danilo Monardi
Sonia Picone
Manuel William Rapicano

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January 1970
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Ralph - photo courtesy by Claypaky
© Ralph - photo courtesy by Claypaky
Ralph - photo courtesy by Claypaky
© Ralph - photo courtesy by Claypaky
Ralph - photo courtesy by Claypaky
© Ralph - photo courtesy by Claypaky
Ralph - photo courtesy by Claypaky
© Ralph - photo courtesy by Claypaky

Auditorium of the Conciliation

The Auditorium of the Conciliation has always been a place dedicated to culture. In recent years it has focused its artistic and cultural promotion on the contemporary in all its creative forms from dance to music and visual arts.

Its modularity of spaces allows it to host concerts, film screenings, conferences and gala dinners. Today it has also become an important conference space with a plenary hall with more than 1480 seats and other modular meeting rooms, equipped with the most innovative technologies.
The Auditorium Conciliazione offers a perfect teamwork from the project to the complete realization and represents an exhaustive reference for the national and international congress organizers and operators.

Unique for its architectural features, central location and proximity to Leonardo da Vinci airport, railway stations, motorways, hotels and places of cultural interest.

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