The lonely way

This play is the autumn of a youth. Autumn of a connoisseur who is sad (basically not because the sin life was an injustice, but because it comes to an end).

This piece is Ash Wednesday after a holden, actually earlier melancholic carnival: cat's jammer of the soul; renunciation; old age; guilt; loneliness; sinking casings.

Something mournful stretches over the events. A sadness that won't always be immune to a smiling gaze in the course of time. Today it is: by virtue of the special sweetness of this poet whom we, our contemporaries, love, perhaps because in many works he has said something in a quiet voice which we present, only we present, felt so dawning in us. Half a movement; a gliding shadow, a blowing scent, a second dream... And when the breath is no longer felt, the sweetness no longer tasted, the gliding shadow no longer seen: then perhaps the coming will laugh.

Program and cast

Director: Mateja Koležnik

Stage design: Raimund Orfeo Voigt, Kathrin Kemp

Costumes: Alan Hranitelj

Music: Nikolaj Efendi

Choreography: Matija Ferlin

Dramaturgy: Matthias Asboth

Light: Emmerich Steigberger

Professor Wegrat, Director of the Academy of Fine Arts: Marcus Bluhm

Gabriele, his wife: Therese Lohner

Felix, their son: Alexander Absenger

Johanna, her daughter: Alma Hasun

Julian Fichtner: Ulrich Reinthaller

Stephan of Sala: Bernhard Schir

Irene Herms: Maria Köstlinger

Doctor Franz Reumann, Doctor: Peter Scholz

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January 1970

Theater in der Josefstadt

The Theater in der Josefstadt is a theater in Vienna in the eighth district of Josefstadt. It was founded in 1788 and is the oldest still performing theater in Vienna. It is often referred to colloquially as simply Die Josefstadt.

Following remodeling and rebuilding in 1822 — celebrated by the performance of the overture Die Weihe des Hauses ('Consecration of the House') by Beethoven — opera was staged there including Meyerbeer and Wagner. From 1858 onwards the theatre gave up opera and instead concentrated on straight theatre and comedy.

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