The Strudlhof Staircase

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January 1970

On the Strudlhof Staircase to Vienna
When the leaves on the steps lie autumnally breathes from the old staircases what times ago gone over them. Moon in it held two tightly wrapped, light shoe and heavy kicks, the mossed vase in the middle survives years between wars.
Much has sunk us to grief and the beautiful shows the smallest duration.

Program and cast

Director: Janusz Kica

Stage design and costumes: Karin Fritz

Music: Matthias Jakisic

Dramaturgy: Barbara Nowotny / Matthias Asboth

Light: Manfred Grohs

Major Melzer, Councillor in the Austrian Tobacco Department: Ulrich Reinthaller

Major Laska: Roman Schmelzer

Etelka von Stangeler: Pauline Knof

Asta von Stangeler: Swintha Gersthofer

René von Stangeler: Martin Vischer

Chief Building Inspector von Stangeler, whose father: Michael König

Captain of Eulenfeld: Dominic Oley

Paula Pichler: Alma Hasun

Editha/Mimi Pastré: Silvia Meisterle

Consul Grauermann, husband of Etelkas: Matthias Franz Stein

Consul General Fraunholzer, Etelkas Beloved: Igor Karbus

Thea Rokitzer, lover of the knight of Eulenfeld: Marlene Hauser

Teddy by Honnegger: Alexander Absenger

Theater in der Josefstadt

The Theater in der Josefstadt is a theater in Vienna in the eighth district of Josefstadt. It was founded in 1788 and is the oldest still performing theater in Vienna. It is often referred to colloquially as simply Die Josefstadt.

Following remodeling and rebuilding in 1822 — celebrated by the performance of the overture Die Weihe des Hauses ('Consecration of the House') by Beethoven — opera was staged there including Meyerbeer and Wagner. From 1858 onwards the theatre gave up opera and instead concentrated on straight theatre and comedy.

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