Thomas Quasthoff & Band

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January 1970

When Thomas Quasthoff brings his new programme "FOR YOU" to life, he is above all one thing - absolutely authentic. Quasthoff has a somnambulistically sure sense for the appropriate style of what he sings. This applies to opera arias, art and folk songs as well as jazz, pop and soul. He has long since proved that, as a classical singer with an enormously versatile bass-baritone, he is also a master of genres rooted in the Afro-American musical tradition. And so what is so appreciated about Quasthoff as a lieder singer also becomes a golden rule for everything else: "He puts his own personality entirely at the service of music and text. He wants to exclude the artificial, to reach his listeners through truthfulness," to quote a critic's opinion.

Program and cast

Thomas Quasthoff, vocals & moderation

Simon Oslender, piano

Dieter Ilg, double bass

Wolfgang Haffner, percussion

Theater in the Park

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