Uwe Kröger

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May 2021

I AM WHAT I AM - Backstage Stories & Musical Hits

In the difficult Lockdown year, Uwe Kroeger accepted the loss of his mother, who accompanied him throughout the many years of his career and was personally present at countless performances all over the world.

This concert, with memories of his career, is dedicated to his mother: In 2014, public star Uwe Kroeger brought his book "Ich bin, was ich bin" (I am what I am) onto the market. In it, he not only tells private stories from his life, but also gives insights into the musical world behind the scenes.

From this work, Uwe Kröger has developed an intimate lecture programme where he not only reads from his book and sings his greatest hits with piano accompaniment, but above all gives his audience an insight into the work of a musical performer: How do you create and approach a role? How do you work your way in and how do you prepare?

In his easy-going way, he gives musical examples from his long and successful career. A concert for all music and musical enthusiasts who want to experience a star up close and take a look behind the scenes.

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