Wolfgang Ambros

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June 2021

When timelessness shows the zeitgeist the door... Unplugged, acoustic, reduced... Ambros pur! has been running consistently well for over ten years. Full houses, a direct line to the audience, the songs reduced to the essentials and a Wolfgang Ambros who obviously feels comfortable in this constellation. "It's fun to play like this and when you get older, you don't want it so loud anyway," he says. A classic Ambros pur-sager. Just like the man, the artist are the songs and the show. Unvarnished, authentic and meanwhile timeless. It is to Wolfgang Ambros' credit that he does not try for a second to whitewash his ageing. The rock'n'roller who filled the Vienna Stadthalle to bursting point several times has become the singer-songwriter who today gives his songs a setting that only classics deserve. Wolfgang sits at a stool, talks, plays, sings. And it's just wonderful to watch and hear him do it.

Program and cast

Wolfgang Ambros, Günter Dzikowski, Roland Vogl

Theater in the Park

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