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VeronaCard is an All-Inclusive City-Pass  

Step out onto the legendary Juliet's balcony, go up the Lamberti Tower to enjoy a breath-taking view, visit the most beautiful churches in Verona... and discover much much more!


Available in two versions: 27 euro for 24 hours and 32 euro for 48 hours after the first validation.

Before using the Verona Card remember to check the hours of the available sites and  the ATV public transport's timetables - urban line only. VeronaCard does not include the Aerobus service.


Thanks to the collaboration agreement between the City of Verona and the City of Mantua, holders of VeronaCard can enjoy a reduced fare ticket in Mantua at: Bibiena Theatre, Palazzo della Ragione with Clock Tower, Te Palace, MACA, San Sebastiano Temple.


Verona Card gives you free admission to Mart - Museo Arte Moderna e Contemporanea  di Trento e Rovereto, to Casa d'Arte Futuristica Depero,  to Castello del Buonconsiglio and to Muse - Science Museum.  


- With VeronaCard you enter the CONTEMPORANEO NON-STOP exhibition for free. The breath of nature | ARIA, open to visitors at the A. Forti Palazzo della Ragione Modern Art Gallery, from 7 October 2023 to 6 October 2024.


- Free entry with Veronacard to the ongoing exhibitions at the Eataly Art House.




What is VeronaCard?

What is VeronaCard? How much does it cost?

VeronaCard is an inclusive ticket which allows free and/or reduced entrance to leading museums
and attractions of Verona. It also offers free transport and other benefits.
There are two types of card: 20 euro card (duration: 24 hours) and 25 euro card (duration: 48
Please visit the VeronaCard pages for further information.

When is it convenient to buy it?

If you visit more than two/three monuments it is convenient for you to buy VeronaCard instead of
single entrance tickets. Remember: VeronaCard not only allows you to enter leading museums of
Verona for free and/or with discounts, but you can also enjoy free transport in the city, as well as
lots of promotions for many activities in the city and surroundings.
For more information about the costs of the tickets for the various attractions: prices and opening
hours; you can find the list of the attractions to visit (for free or with discounts) here and also in
the leaflet of VeronaCard.

What does it offer?

VeronaCard allows you to enter leading museums, monuments and churches for free; you can visit
other attractions with a discount. You can also use it on the urban buses of the public transport
Last but not least: you can get reduced prices by showing the Card in the shops partecipating in
this initiative.
Can I use the Card on all public means of transport?
You can use the VeronaCard on the urban buses of Verona. You can get information about
timetables, lines and more on: ATV – Urbano Verona
We advise you that, if you arrive at Porta Nuova station, the bus station is right in the square in
front of the train station and the buses connecting the station with Piazza Bra are number 11, 12 e
Is the journey from/to the airport and to Garda lake included?
No, these journeys are not included
Are temporary exhibitions included?
Temporary exhibitions are included if they take place in one of the venues of the VeronaCardArea Cultura e Turismo, Piazza Bra 1 , 37121 Verona


Where can I find the list of discounts?/ How can I get in touch with the services offering other
Please check the dedicated web page or the leaflet which is exposed in the ticket offices of the
attractions you can visit.Area Cultura e Turismo, Piazza Bra 1 , 37121 Verona


What can I visit?

Where can I find the list of the attractions I can visit?/ Which are the free museums?
You can find the complete list here.
How do I find out an attraction opening and closing times?
You can find the opening times on the web pages dedicated to each site or on the following link:
prices and timetable of the sites or in the leaflet of the VeronaCard.
Is the Arena included in the list of the free attractions?
Yes, the Arena is included in the list of the free sites. Please remember that it is not possible to
enter the Arena during the representation of an opera. But VeronaCard offers you discounts on
the tickets for the representations of the Festival Lirico. Please note that on the first Sunday of the
month (from October to May) the entrance ticket to the Arena costs 1 euro for everybody.
Where can I find it?
Where can I buy it in Verona and on Garda lake?
You can buy VeronaCard at any of the sites included in the list, in many hotels and other tourist
accomodation in the city and surroundings.
Click here to see the complete list of all points of sale.
Can I buy it on line?
Yes you can, discover how in the following link.
Can I buy it directly at museums/monuments?
Yes, you can buy it directly at the ticket offices of the sites you can visit.
Can I get the card directly at the hotel?
Yes, if your hotel is one of the points of sale.
Can I receive the card by post?
VeronaCard must be picked up personally. In case you want to buy it on line, you are given a
voucher with which you can then pick up the card at the point indicated on your voucher.Area Cultura e Turismo, Piazza Bra 1 , 37121 Verona


If I arrive by train/plane, where can I buy it?
You can buy it at the railway station and at the airport Valerio Catullo. The journey by bus from/to
the airport is not included in VeronaCard.
How does it work?
How does it work? How can it be validated in museums and on buses?
The card activates automatically at its first use, that is when you pass it through the card reader in
the first site you visit or on a bus. More info: how VeronaCard works.
How many times can I visit the same museum/monument?
Only one time.Area Cultura e Turismo, Piazza Bra 1 , 37121 Verona


Other questions
In addition to the Card do I receive something else?
With the Card you receive a leaflet with the list of all the sites you can visit and their opening
The leaflet also includes a map of the city and the list of the stores which offer discounts and
benefits to the owners of VeronaCard.
Which is the validity date of VeronaCard?
After buying the Card you can activate it even after some months. But as soon as you validate it
for the first time, by passing it through the card reader in the first site you visit or on a bus, the
card becomes active and it is valid for 24 or 48 hours depending on the type of card. For more
details: How it works.
Do I need a minimum age to buy the Card?
Children up to 6 years have free entrance to all attractions; from 6 years onwards there are
different conditions depending on the type of attraction. Please check these conditions on: prices
and opening hours of the sites or on the leaflet “Passeggiando per Verona”.
Are there Cards for children/groups/families/disabled people? When is it not convenient to buy
the Card?
Check who can have discounts and free entrances on this link. Please note that VeronaCard
includes also the transport on urban public buses of ATV and other benefits.
If we are a class of students is VeronaCard convenient?
VeronaCard might not be convenient for classes because they pay just 1 euro in many sites. In
order to obtain this price the teacher must go to the ticket office with the list of the students and
the names of the other accompanying people.
If we are a group is VeronaCard convenient?
For groups of minimum 15 people there are reduced entrance fees: here you can find the
complete list of the prices.Area Cultura e Turismo, Piazza Bra 1 , 37121 Verona


Are there any discounts to buy VeronaCard?
No, there are not discounts to buy VeronaCard, as it is already a reduced-price card.
Can I claim a refund of the card?
VeronaCard is not returnable nor refundable.
If an attraction/museum is closed can I claim a refund?
You cannot claim a refund in case of closing or change of the opening hours, or on occasion of
strike or celebrations, or for other reasons which do not depend on the will of the organizers.
Is the transport for children, minors and students without VeronaCard free?
For the provided discounts please see ATV – Biglietti.
I have an “old” VeronaCard (printable version), what can I do?
VeronaCards which were sold are always accepted and they can be used under the conditions
foreseen at the time of purchase.
In case of theft/loss what can I do?
Unfortunately under no circumstances a refund of VeronaCard can be claimed.

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