Palazzina Liberty

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Milan - Palazzina Liberty
Performances: Tu 27 Sep 2022, 09:30

The Palazzina Liberty was designed in 1908 by Migliorini to form the main body of the fruit and vegetable market, which remained in use until 1965. After many changes of fortune, it was returned to the citizens of Milan in 1992, appropriately restored. A meeting and negotiating place for traders, the Palazzina is characterised by its large glass surfaces, art nouveau facade and the decorative motifs of the ceramic tiles. After the market was transferred, it remained uninhabited until Dario Fo transformed it into a theater in the Seventies. In 1980 the city council made it the headquarters of the Civic Band and of various recreational and cultural projects. The completely restored spaces are now dedicated to fashion shows, cultural events, projects and concerts, among which are those by the Milano Classica Chamber Orchestra, whose concert season has been held here since 1994.