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The large series of work entrusted by Radio France to AS. Architecture-Studio in order to bring the radio building up to standard, was an opportunity to rethink certain spaces in order to open them up to the public more widely and with the aim of providing Radio France's musical groups with places for rehearsals and performances. The new Auditorium, the complete renovation of the mythical Studio 104 and the creation of the crossing street are the major achievements of this project.

The agora and the crossing street

With the renovation of the Radio House, new spaces are open to the public, who can now cross the building from its entrance on the Seine side to the opposite door.

Thanks to a crossing street that starts from the Great Hall, the visitor can now access the heart of the building called the Agora. 

The Radio France auditorium: a monumental arena dedicated to music

The Radio France Auditorium, built on the site of the former studios 102 and 103 of the Maison de la radio, is an exceptional concert hall designed in the shape of an arena and equipped with a monumental organ. It offers the four musical groups and Radio France's branches a unique venue for the presentation of works in the heart of Paris.

Studio 104: the room for all kinds of music

Studio 104 is the historical and mythical site of all the music and major public events of Radio France channels. Entirely renovated by AS.Architecture-Studio and adapted to safety and accessibility standards for people with reduced mobility, it reaffirms its primary vocation of musical eclecticism and will be the place for new cultural proposals.
The encounter between musical genres and audiences is strongly encouraged in the cultural project of the Maison de la radio and Studio 104, with its 856 seats, is one of the essential places for this desire to mix genres.